Japanese title: 心のフェロモン
Romaji: kokoro no FEROMON
English: Pheromones of the Heart

Release date: 2000.11.01

Catalog nr: SPRE-9002

First press: no




«Kokoro no Pheromone» is Sheki-dol‘s debut single, released as an indies single (all though available for sale everywhere). The song was used as the ending theme to the tv show «Sanma No Super Karakuri TV» 

It was released on November 1st, 2000 on the record label SPREE RECORDS.
The single contains  the title track and its instrumental, as well as the b-side «Datte Datte». The title «Kokoro no Pheromone» refers to women’s inner feminine power.

The single failed to enter the charts.

Music video for okoro no Pheromone

Music video for okoro no Pheromone

Tsunku’s comments about the single:

«I’ve arranged in Rock’n’roll style. I’ve arranged the whole song, as well as played the acoustic guitar and the drums. First, the acoustic guitar part was recorded followed by the drums part. After that, we got together and determined the overall structure of the song. Rui Nagai played the bass and the piano. After that, Yasunori from SEVEN HOUSE and Shunsuke Suzuki played the other guitar parts. And I re-recorded my acoustic guitar part at the end. I think it was wonderful collaboration by the rock musicians! Ibuki Ooki and Ami Kitagami recorded their voices while listening to the energetic drums track.

I remember on their recording day, I told them it was just a practice. Since they were inexperienced and doing this for the first time, I wasn’t sure how the recording process was going to be.  My original plan was to let them sing and record a few parts at a time, and not the whole thing at once. But I was surprised to listen to their voices not because they were skilled singers, but they were simply cool! I didn’t ask them how much time they put into for practice, but their singing style was something I had never heard before. What an awesome individuality the girls secretly possessed! I felt like if they became better singer in the future, they would lose the precious sound they naturally possessed. So I wanted to record the fresh, natural vocal track that was never overly practiced. I thought to myself, “If I ask them to sing just one more time, maybe they would sound better.” On the other hand, I had to fight my urge and trust my instinct when I felt that “this is a lovable enough sound. Let’s go with it. ” So you can see that I was going through internal dilemma as a producer. In the end, I didn’t have to consume much time in thinking, and I was able to make the final decision right away. What was helpful in making the final decision was listening to the recorded voice track over and over. Their voices began to sound like a genuine rock’n’roll. They were able to utilize all of the tracks layered by us, the experienced rock musicians, which I thought was pretty impressive! What an awesome collaboration of “Rock’n’roll”!

As for the lyrics, in recent years, women are starting to become noticed as the stronger sex than men. So in contrast, I wanted to express the gentler side of women by utilizing powerful words. My message in the lyrics is that women are actually hoping for the men to notice their inner feminine power, “kokoro no pheromone”.

Promo single

Promo single

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01. 心のフェロモン (Kokoro no Pheromone; Pheromones of the Heart)
02. だってだって (Datte Datte; Because, Because)
03. 心のフェロモン (Instrumental)


心のフェロモン (Kokoro no Pheromone)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Tsunku


だってだって (Datte Datte)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Tsunku

Promo poster

Promo poster