Japanese title: SONG & MONOLOGUES… 季節の物語〜聞きたいこと〜
Romaji title: SONG & MONOLOGUES… kisetsu no monogatari ~kikitai koto~
English title: Song & Monologues… Story of Four Seasons -One Thing I’d Like to Ask You-

Release date: 2007.06.19

Catalog nr: UPFC-003 (TGCS-4275)

First press: no, this is a limited release

«Kisetsu no Monogatari -Kikitai Koto-» is a limited release, available on mail order through Nakazawa‘s Hello! Project fan club, costing 3.000 yen.

The OBI for this release reads:

This is a specially packaged edition of her original short stories from popular «Song & Monologue» as well as her CD, «Kikitai Koto», which lyrics were written by Yuko Nakazawa herself.

Please enjoy the brand-new world Nakazawa has created!


01. 聞きたいこと (Kikitai Koto; One Thing I’d Like to Ask You)


聞きたいこと (Kikitai Koto)

Lyrics: Yuko Nakazawa | Music: Tokihai | Arrangement: Youichi Shimada