Japanese title: ケンチャナ~大丈夫~
Romaji title: KENCHANA ~Daijoubu~
English title: Gwaenchanha ~I’m Okay~

Release date: 2009.02.25

Catalog nr: PKCP-2028 (CD), PKSP-2028 (Cassette)
Label: Rice Music

First press: no

«Kenchana -Daijoubu-» is Yuki Maeda‘s 9th single, released a year and a half after her previous release. 

The single contains the title track, its instrumental and a karaoke track in a different key, as well as a b-side (SOURU no Ame) and its instrumental. It sold 1.241 copies, ranking at #118 on the Oricon charts. 

When the release of this single was first announced, the original track list had an additional song listed, but it was removed shortly before the release of the single. It was listed as #3; ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ (日本語+韓国語ミックスバージョン) (Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ Japanese + Korean mix version).


Music video

Music video

This single is Maeda’s first Korean themed single out of three. She collaborated with Korean song/music writer Hae-Joon Yoo and lyricist Chiyoko Mori. They would go on to produce all her Korean themed singles, with help of different composers.

Part of the lyrics say: Fuyu no sonata sotto kuchizusanda / «Moeta koi wa itsuka wa samete yuku no» to / Mukashi mita dorama no serifu ga yomigaeru (I say a few lines from a drama called “Winter Sonata:  / “A Passionate love will soon cool off» / I used to watch it a long time ago.)

This is a reference to the Korean winter dorama «Winter Sonata«, which Yoo is involved with.

Promo poster

Promo poster

In 2008, Miki Fujimoto released an enka single called «Okitegami». Some found this rather odd, as she released several pop singles in 2002-2004; why change music genre? At several forums it was speculated that the single was originally intended for Maeda, as she releases one single per year (Maeda’s previous release was in 2007). Some also speculated that maybe it was originally intended for Nakazawa, as she performed it live at one of her birthday events. (And the composer was the same one who did her debut single).


01. ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ (Kenchana -Daijoubou-; Gwaenchanha -I Am Okay-)
02. ソウルの雨 (SOURU no Ame; The Rain in My Soul / The Rain in Seoul)
03. ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ (Instrumental)
04. ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ (Karaoke Track for Men, One Key Lower)
05. ソウルの雨 (Instrumental)


ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ (Kenchana -Daijoubou-)

Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori | Music: Hae-Joon Yoo | Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano

ケンチャナ (Kenchana) is the Japanese writing of the Korean word 괜찮아 (Gwaenchanha). It means the same as 大丈夫 (Daijoubu). So the title has both the Korean AND Japanese word for «I am Okay» in the title.


ソウルの雨 (SOURU no Ame)

Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori | Music: Hae-Joon Yoo | Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano

ソウル is read as «seouru», and can either mean Seoul (a city in South-Korea) or Soul. The lyricist probably had a double meaning when creating the title; The Rain in My Soul / The Rain in Seoul.