Kaze no Musume-tachi (風の娘たち; Wind Girls) is a Japanese dorama, airing from July to September of 1998. It features Hiromi Yanagihara in the main role.

This is Ota Takafumi’s debut as a dorama producer. He mentions this dorama and Hiromi Yanagihara in blog posts from 2008, 2009 and 2010:

One person who appeared in both was Pikachu. Well, her real name was Yanagihara Hiromi. She was 17 at the time. She later appeared in Morning Cop.
She could sometimes be selfish, but in any situation, she was always responsible.
One night we were together and she said, “I’m an actress now, but I really want to be a singer!”
”I don’t know about that,” I said jokingly, but she was serious.
”Wow, she has dreams, too...” I remember thinking happily.
Then her dream came true. The group name was Country Musume.
Like with Wind Girls, there was a training camp.

[Scene of the «tree of fate» that is an important point of the story]


A coming-of-age story set in Hokkaido.


Misato Tate (non H!P)

Katou Hitoshi? [加藤仁] (non H!P)

Hiromi Yanagihara



Yuca’s debut single Watashi wo Tsure Dashite Kureru Hito (私をつれだしてくれる人) was used as the main theme. Yuca went on to release an album under Teichiku (same label as Yuki Maeda), before signing to the same label as Kaori Iida in 2003, releasing the album Akai Tsuki under the name Ruca. She also appeared on H!P show Uta! Dokki and as a guest at one of Iida’s dinner shows. 

Yuca's debut single

Yuca's debut single

ABYSS' 5th single, Blue Rain, was used as the ending theme. Komuro Tetsuya wrote the lyrics and music, and did the arrangements for the song. 

ABYSS' "Blue Rain"

ABYSS' "Blue Rain"


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