Japanese title: 花月夜
Romaji title: kagetsuya
English title: An Evening of Flowers and the Moon

Release date: 2007.01.02

Catalog nr: –
Label: no label; indies release

«Kagetsuya» is Rika Ishii‘s second indies release (out of five), released over a period of two years.

The title of the single is tricky to translate. «Kagetsu» is archaic (classical Japanese), meaning either Flowers and the Moon OR an elegant pastime / refined leisure.

It was released as an indies release, with mp3 or wav-files on a cd-r disc, only for sale at her live events.


01. 幼い太陽 (Osanai Taiyou; Youthful Sun)
02. そばにいて (Soba ni Ite; Next to You)
03. 追憶の魚 (Tsuioku no Sakana; Reminescence of Fish)


幼い太陽 (Osanai Taiyou)

Music & Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Arrangements: ?

Ishii’s comments about the song: «In the great history of all things, the moon and the sun has always been there. This song has different lyrics and melody from what I usually write. Please give this song a listen to hear the world and atmosphere of this song.«

そばにいて (Soba ni Ite)

Music & Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Arrangements: ?

Ishii’s comments about the song: «I made this song for when you want to convey your natural feelings to someone dear to you. Please get the feelings of a love much like that of the dancing sakura petals in spring.«

追憶の魚 (Tsuioku no Sakana)

Music & Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Arrangements: ?

Without the lyrics, this title is tricky to translate. It can mean both «Reminescence of Fish», «A Fish of Reminescence» or «A Fish Reminscing».

Ishii’s comments about the song: «There’s a lot of play on words in this song, something I like to do a lot in everyday life. This song has a feel of the Showa Era, so please feel a bit like a traveler when listening to it.«