Japanese title: ハレルヤ
Romaji title: HARERUYA
English title: Hallelujah

Release date: 2010.07.07

Catalog nr: FECD-1003
Label: FREEDOM Entertainment

First press: no

«Hallelujah» is a special wedding project CD single by Rin.

A special site was made by Rin's music producer, Takamitsu Shimazaki, to promote two of her songs, «Hallelujah» and «LOVE». Shimizaki stated on the site that he would like those two songs to be played in as many weddings as possible, spreading the hype and hopefully boosting her popularity.
The site is making a pretty generous offer: The songs are free for use, no royalty fee, and if you don’t have the CD, the site will send you a free copy. In return, they would like your wedding photo to be sent, and they are asking you to spread the word by blogging it.

Alternative cover

Alternative cover

The goal was to sell 2.000 copies in six months. After two weeks, the CD shop SCRUM ordered more copies as they had sold out. 3.000 more copies were pressed, and in five months 10.000 copies of the CD had been sent out.

A promotional video (30 sec) was also made

A promotional video (30 sec) was also made


01. ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)
02. LOVE


ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)

Lyrics: Takamitsu Shimazaki | Music & Arrangement: Takamitsu Shimazaki


Lyrics: Mami Suenaga | Music & Arrangement: Takamitsu Shimazaki