Release date: 2003.05.21

Catalog nr: EPCE-5211
Label: zetima

First press: unknown

«GET ALONG WITH YOU» is Yuko Nakazawa‘s 8th single, released on May 21st, 2003. It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Tokyo Hatsu Saishuu). 

The single sold a total of 12.980 copies, and ranked at #30 on the Oricon music charts.

Music video for Get Along With You

Music video for Get Along With You

Nakazawa’s comment about the single, in a 2008-interview:

"This is a rare happy song of mine. I mean, “Karasu No Nyoubou” [note: her 1st single] is a song about a woman who keeps on waiting for the man to return. “Odaiba Moonlighjt Serenade” [note: her 2nd single] is a song about cheating. Happy-cheating in a weird way. “Shanghai” [note: her 4th single] is a solo traveler of a broken-hearted. “Kuyashi Namida Porori” [note: her 5th single] is another cheating song. This is about a forbidden love, right? “Futarigurashi” [note: her 6th single] is a song about a girl who used to live with a guy, but now that she’s broken up, she is back to her single life. So those are my songs. And “GET ALONG WITH YOU” is the only tune that has sweet lyrics like, “Chikagoro Watashi Koi Shitemasu” (I’ve fallen in love lately)." 


01. Get Along With You
02. 東京発 最終 (Tokyo Hatsu Saishuu; The Last Train Departing Tokyo)
03. Get Along With You (Instrumental)


Get Along With You

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Cher Watanabe


東京発 最終 (Tokyo Hatsu Saishuu)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku Arrangement: Takao Konishi