Japanese title: 二人の北海道
Romaji title: futari no Hokkaidou
English title: Hokkaido for Two

Release date: 1999.07.23

Catalog nr: SPRE-002 (TGDS-170)

First press: no

«Futari no Hokkaido» is Country Musume‘s debut single .

It was released on July 23rd, 1999, on the record label POTATO.
It was released in limited quantities as an indies releases, and sold in Hokkaido only. The singles came with a red sticker with the Cat. nr. and the text 北海道 限定生産品 (Hokkaido, restricted production merchandise).

Seven days before the release of this single, Hiromi Yanagihara died in a car accident. Hiromi’s family was given the decision to whether Country Musume should continue their work and release their single as scheduled, and they approved. The plans for Country Musume was to continue as a duo, but just a month after the release of their debut single, Kobayashi decided to leave the group due to psychological stress. (An alternative reason for her leave is that she released a nude photo in the past, and it was posted on some weekly magazine. This caused some controversy and in order to take full responsibility, she decided to leave the group.)

This album contains the title track and it’s instrumental, and a b-side called «Morning Gyuunyuu». It is a country version with rap verses of Morning Musume’s debut single «Morning Coffee», with different lyrics and different arragements. 


01. 二人の北海道 (Futari no Hokkaidou; Hokkaido for Two)
02. モーニング牛乳 (Morning Gyuunyuu; Morning Milk)
03. 二人の北海道 (Instrumental)


二人の北海道 (Futari no Hokkaido)

Lyrics: Chisato Moritaka | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Maejima Yasuaki


モーニング牛乳 (Morning Gyuunyuu)

Lyrics: Tsunku & Kyoudai Shitamachi | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Kyoudai Shitamachi