Name: ドリームモーニング娘。(Dream Morning Musume)
Date of group’s debut: January 28th, 2011
Record label: zetima

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Dream Morning Musume is a Japanese pop group, consisting of girls who used to be part of the group Morning Musume.
They are sometimes referred to as ドリームス (Dorimusu; Dreams) for short.


Famous Japanese pop group Morning Musume is run by an agency called UP-FRONT (UFA) and was managed by a song lyricist and ex-singer who goes by the artist name Tsunku up until 2015. Since 1997, they have managed several pop singers and pop groups, and everyone who is run by them is part of a project called Hello! Project. A few times each year, all the singers and groups get together and hold concerts throughout Japan.

In March of 2009, several of their artists graduated from Hello! Project, but still remained part of the agency. They did various things like acting, commercials and talk shows (and Yuki Maeda, Natsumi Abe and Aya Matsuura released music).

All the girls who had been in Morning Musume earlier were reffered to as OGs (Older Generation or Older Girls) whenever they appeared on talk shows.

And in September 2010 UFA created a promotional unit from the OGs for Georgia Coffee Drinks. The unit was called Afternoon Musume (アフタヌーン娘δ), and they did commecials for the brand. In October 2010 they released a digital single called «Afternoon Coffee», which was a slower enka stylized version of Morning Musume’s first official single «Morning Coffee».

For the celebration of Morning Musume’s 13th anniversary, on January 28th, 2011, , the group officially debuted at a press conference for official medias and some people of the fanclub at the Sun Plaza in Nakano as Dream Morning Musume.

The group consists of Yuko Nakazawa, Kaori Iida, Natsumi Abe, Kei Yasuda, Mari Yaguchi, Rika Ishikawa, Makoto Ogawa, Miki Fujimoto, Koharu Kusumi.

Nozomi Tsuji had to leave the group shortly after the formation, as she just had given birth to her second child. Asami Konno was also supposed to be part of the group, but couldn’t participate as she was engaged in other activities (working as an anchor woman on TV).

 At the press conference it was also announced the group would release a new album on April 20th, “DoriMusu. (1)“, consisting of old songs by Morning Musume (re-make) and two new songs. A live tour was also announced, “Dream Morning Musume. Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~”, starting on April 23rd.  (This concert was later released on dvd and blu ray in September). Moreover, there will also be a bigger live tour in the fall, “Dream Morning Musume Concert 2011 Aki no mai ~ Zoku Sotsugyosei DE Saikessei”, which will hit 40 stages in 20 cities.

Their album was released on April 20th, selling a little over 10.000 copies. 

In August, the group released a concert  photobook, “Haru no Mai ~ Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~“, with pictures form their spring concert. Dream Morning Musume members Nakazawa Yuko, Ishikawa Rika, and Yoshizawa Hitomi held a handshake event to commemorate the release. It featured deep interviews with the members, off shot photos, rare shots by Kei Yausda (who has photography as a hobby), an interview with their coreographer Natsu Mayumi, and a bonus;  if you purchase the book with the Live DVD, you will be entered into a lottery to be one of 100 people to get a real photo.

Their fall concerts started as planned, but Miki Fujimoto wasn’t in the concerts due to her pregnancy. At one of the performances in October, two surprise guests joined Dream Morning Musume on stage; Nozomi Tsuji and Maki Goto (who had left the agency in 2007). Maki Goto performed «Love Machine» with the group, this was her debut single with the group when she first joined in 1999.

Right around Christmas, it was announced that the group would relase a single on February 15th, 2012. It is called «Shining Butterfly«, and will be the groups first and last single before they disband.

When confronted with the disbandenment, it is said that the group was only meant to be a temporary group. Some fans specualte it being a gimmick to increase sales, much like what Ayumi Hamasaki’s manager said when she released her single «A» in 1999. According to rumours, Nakazawa is supposed to have said on a radio show in January 2012 that new members would be added to the group soon.

In February, Dream Morning Musume performed a medley (including Koi no Dance Site and their new single, Shining Butterfly), and did a talk segment shortly afterwards. In the interview they denied that they were going to be disbanded. They also mentioned the concert to be held March 10th, and hopefully to come back to the show again after the release of the second single.

They have been on hiatus ever since.