Release date: 2016.01.27

Catalog nr: AHVA20
Label: AHABA Ongaku Koubou / Muubikku (Movic?)

First press: no, but there is a special features / bonus track

«Mars Red» is a music recitation drama by Sound Theater, performed at Maihma Amphiteather on september 26th and 27th of 2015 with Miwa Kominato as part of the cast (credited as "voice").

The play is set in the Taisho era of Japan (1912-1926), where four people are infected with a virus turning them into vampires..

The government watches the four people and attempts to incorporate it into the Army King Geumgang irony plan.
Vampires who have more faults than their merits.
Flight the night of Teito while supplementing such defect with Japanese technology and diligence."

The drama was later issued on DVD, on CD, as a PlayButton, and a set of tumblers.



 Product name: DVD "MARS RED 2015"
· Price: ¥ 6,667 (excluding tax) / ¥ 7,200 (tax included)
· Release date: January 27, 2016 (Wednesday)
· Specifications: 2 DVD set
※ special live video as special live, cast members' after talk etc.
· ① Venue reservation privilege: Cast group photo postcard
· ② Animate reservation privilege: postcard of cast group photo (separate from the venue reservation privilege)
· ③ Early booking benefit: announcement poster
※ Announcement poster will be given at the venue · animate for the reservation until October 31, 2015, when purchasing items.


● Performance brochure (with CD · illustration cards)
2,500 yen (tax included)

① 48P booklet
Cast Member Profile · Q & A · Director Fujisawa Fumio × Music Director Tsuchiya Yusaku Discourse, Scene & Used Music List, Play Song Lyrics, etc.
② CD
Performing preliminary recording, recording 4 songs from among the songs used during play
③ Illustration card (5 sheets)
Main visual of this performance by Tang Dynasty, and four kinds of illustrations

3,700 yen (tax included)
September 26 (Sat) 18: 00 It is a badge type audio player which recorded the contents of the performance (first day).
※ This product recorded binaural recorded sound source with dummy head microphone.
* You can only listen to pre-installed sound sources.
* It is not possible to erase the preinstalled sound source or copy it.
* Additional sound source can not be installed as a memory.

MARS RED tumbler (2500 yen)






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