Japanese title: だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single)
Romaji title: dakedo aishisugite (Mix for Single)
English title: But I Loved You Too Much (Mix for Single)

Release date: 1998.10.25

Catalog nr: WPDV-7160

First press: no

«Dakedo Aishisugite (Mix for Single)» is Michiyo Heike‘s fourth single.

Music video for Dakedo Aishisugite

Music video for Dakedo Aishisugite

It was released on October 25th, 1998, on the record label Warner Music Japan. 
It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side («Shinkokyuu Shiyou!!»).

The A-side of this single was used as the opening theme for the movie «Morning Cop» (starring Heike, Hiromi Yanagihara and Morning Musume), and released on the soundtrack in September. It is slightly re-arranged and was therefore entitled «Mix for Screen» (as opposed to «Mix for Single»). 

The single sold a total of 15.260 copies, and ranked at #95 on the Oricon music charts.


01. だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single) (Dakedo Aishisugite; But I Loved You Too Much)
02. 深呼吸しよう!! (Shinkokyuu Shiyou!!; Let’s Take a Deep Breath!!)
03. だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single) (Instrumental)


だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single) (Dakedo Aishisugite (Mix for Single))

Lyrics: Emi Makiho | Music & Arrangement: Hatake

Emi Makiho also sings the background vocals to this track.


深呼吸しよう!! (Shinkokyuu Shiyou!!)

Lyrics: Emi Makiho | Music & Arrangement: Hatake