Country Girl Hokkaido Bokujo Monogatari (カントリー・ガール 北海道牧場物語; Country Girls – Hokkaido Farm Story) is a Japanese movie starring Rinne Toda and Asami Kimura from Country Musume in the main roles. 

Country Musume’s producer, Yoshitake Tanaka, and T&C Bomber is also in this movie.

The Japanese wikipedia says this is a coming of age movie filmed on location at Hanabatake Farm in Hokkaido, where Country Musume got their start during the "part farm/part idol" phase of their indies career. Having just joined the group two months prior to the film's premier, this was Asami Kimura's first acting job. The movie was filmed on location at Hanabatake Farm in Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido.

The film was completed in July 2000, on the one-year anniversary of the death of Yanagihara Hiromi, one of the original Country Musume members. Later it was given a limited video release for fan club members only.


Having not only failed her university entrance exams, but also lost the home in which she'd grown up in Sapporo, Kazami Haruka takes a job at a relative's farm while going to cram school to retake her exams. While the city girl finds it hard to get used to life on a farm, she forms many connections with the people and animals there. From breaking up with the boyfriend she left behind in Sapporo to having to kill an animal she helped care for, Haruka undergoes many trials and eventually gets a chance to move to Tokyo. But with a ticket to the city life she'd dreamed of in her hands, her heart is pulled in two directions.


Rinne Toda

Asami Kimura

T&C Bomber

Yoshitake Tanaka

Shouko Aida (non H!P)

Kenji Aoki (non H!P)

Sae Tanaka (non H!P)

Masahiro Yamashita (non H!P)



Country Musume’s 4th single, «Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu«, was used as the main theme song. Other songs featured in the movie are Country Musume’s «Aa Koishikute» and T&C Bomber’s «Hey! Mahiru no Shinkirou«.