Kanako Itou -追想のディスペア
(Tsuisou no Despair; Despair in Retrospect)

Cat. nr. FVCG-1020
Release date: 2008.06.26
1. 追想のディスペア (Tsuisou no Despair)

Kanako Itou - ChaosAttractor
Cat. nr. FVCG-1105
Release date: 2010.01.27
15 tracks

Miwa Kominato sings the backround vocals to the song Tsuisou no Despair, available on both the single and album released two years later.


KATEI - ジャーニー (Journey)
Cat. nr: VICC-60724
Release date: 2009.11.18

Rock violinist KATEI's debut album. Miwa Kominato sings the background chants to the first track on the album; "INORI"

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Revo - ルクセンダルク大紀行
(RUKUSENDARUKU dai kikou; Luxendarc Great Traveller’s Journal

Cat. nr: PCCA-3648
Track list:
01. Theme of the Linked Horizon
02. ルクセンダルク紀行 (Luxendarc Kikou; Luxendarc Traveller’s Journal)
20. 雛鳥 (Vocalized Version) (Hinatori; Baby Bird)
26. 希望へ向う譚詩曲 (Concert Arranged Version) (Kibou e Mukau Tenshikyoku; Ballad to Hope)

Official site for this release
Sound Horizon fan site (English)

Miwa Kominato is featured as a singer on this compilaton album, which is a special project called LinkedHorizon; a music project started by a sound creator called Revo (whose songs are usually linked up to video games.). The album also features the singers Revo, mao, Ceui, RIKKI (famous for the theme song to Final Fantasy; «Suteki da ne»), Joelle, and Daisy×Daisy (MiKA).
A concert in November, linked up to the release of this album was also held, featuring songs from the album as well as non-album tracks. It was later released on DVD (double disc) and Blu-Ray (single disc).

Tatuya Ishii - WHITE CANVAS
(Tsuisou no Despair; Despair in Retrospect)

Cat. nr. SRCL-8354
Release date: 2013.09.04
11. 鼓動 (Kodou; Beat)

Tatuya Ishii - STONE
Cat. nr. SRCL-8878-79
Release date: 2015.09.02
3. 飛〜JUMP〜翔 (hi - JUMP - shou; Fly - Jump - Soar)
4. 大人達の迷路 (otona-tachi no meiro; Labyrinth for Adults)

Tatuya Ishii - 飛~JUMP~翔
(hi -JUMP- shou; Fly -Jump- Soar)

Cat. nr. SRCL-8862
Release date: 2015.08.15
1. 飛~JUMP~翔
+ 3 more tracks

Miwa Kominato sings the background chorus to all the songs mentioned here.

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クラシカロイド MUSIK Collection Vol.2 -アニメ『クラシカロイド』挿入歌より-
(KURASHIKAROIDO MUSIK Collection Vol.2 -ANIME “KURUSHIKAROIDO” sounyuu uta yori-;
Classicaloid MUSIK Collection Vol.2 -Insertion Songs from the Anime "Classicaloid"-

Cat. nr: GBCL-2017
Release date: 2017.02.22

Track list:
06. 嗚呼 えんどれすどりいむ ~乙女の祈りより~
(Aa Endless Dream -Otome no Inori Yori-; Ah Endless Dream -From a Maiden's Prayer-)

Miwa Kominato is featured as a singer on this compilaton album, which is a special project called Classicaloid. Four albums are released, all anime songs with music done by classical composers (such as Beethoven, Chopin etc) and lyrics and arrangements by Japanese contemporary artists (such as tofubeats, Tsunku etc).

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tekla Badarzewska-Baranowska
Arrangements: Tsunku Classicaloid Orchestra with Masahiro Mizoguchi