Japanese title: 鎮恋歌
Romaji title: chinrenka
English title: Ancient Love Song

Release date: 2015.01.14

Catalog nr: TKCA-74183
Label: Tokuma Japan Communications Co., Ltd.

First press: no

«Chin Renka» is a CD Single by Rika Ishii, marketed as a major label release. That makes this her third major release; the previous being the single Ao released in 2006, and her album Aoi Kuma released in 2010).

Amazon.co.jp calls this song/release The theme of the popular song of the Heisei era.

Music video for Chinrenka

Music video for Chinrenka


01. 鎮恋歌 (Chinrenka; Ancient Love Song)
02. BLUE
03. LOVE
04. 鎮恋歌 (Instrumental)
05. BLUE (Instrumental)
06. LOVE (Instrumental)


鎮恋歌 (Chinrenka)

Lyrics: Yuuho Iwasato | Music & Arrangements: Kazunori Watanabe

This track was used as the theme song to the tv show Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan..



Lyrics & Music: Satoru Kurihara | Arrangements: Singo Kubota, Satoru Kurihara

This is the fourth time Ishii has the word «blue» as the title for one of her releases; the previous ones being Aoi Kuma, Ao, and blue.



Lyrics: Hajime Watanabe | Music & Arrangements: Yasushi Watanabe