Name: Chelsea Monroe
Maiden name: Chelsea Ching
Stage name: チェルシー (CHELSEA)
Date of birth: September 26th, 1982
Place of birth: Hawaii, USA

Date of debut: June 27th, 1999 (Member #18)
Graduated: January, 2000

Model portfolio 1 | Model portfolio 2

Chelsea Ching was a Japanese singer and is now working as a model.
She started her career as a member of the group Coconuts Musume in 1999, from which she graduated in 2000.


In 1999, Chelsea Ching and four other girls had been signed by Tsunku and Makoto to join Hello! Project. They were flown to Japan to start a music career, and was given the name Coconuts Musume.

Just six months later, Chelsea left Coconuts Musume to finish her high school education. (But specualtions claims she was home sick and had problems adjusting to Japanese culture). She has since graduated with honors from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in psychology and business economics. While attending school, she has also managed a successful career as a model, and even made an appearance on a reality television show called «Meet My Folks», that aired on NBC and in a Taco Bell commercial for Hawaii.

After her graduation she continued her modeling career. 

In January of 2014 she got married and changed her name to Chelsea Ching Monroe.