Japanese title: 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜
Romaji title: bokura ni wa tsubasa ga aru ~oozora e~
English title: We Have Wings -Towards the Big Sky-

Release date: 2010.07.14

Catalog nr: PCCA-03212
Label: Pony Canyon

First press: yes, one out of 12 trading cards + sheet music for the title song + a code to access a site for a special movie for the title track

«Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru ~Oozora e~» is a double CD+DVD single, released by Hexagon All Stars in collaboration with the group Tsubasa

After graduating from Hello! Project, Yaguchi became part of a televison comedy show called Quiz Hexagon II. They created this unit, which consisted of 34 artists at the time, including Mari Yaguchi. Quiz Hexagon also created the group Tsubasa, which consisted of Mai Satoda, misono, RYOUEI and Takeshi Tsuruno.

The single sold 24.505 copies and charted at #8 on the Oricon charts.


01. 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 <合唱> (Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru -Oozora e- (Gasshou); There Are Wings On Our Backs -To the Big Sky (Choir)by Quiz Hexagon All Stars
02. 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 (Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru -Oozora e-) by Tsubasa
03. 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜<合唱> (Instrumental)
04. 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 (Instrumental)

01. 僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 <合唱> (Music Video)
02. スペシャルアニメ「ヘキサゴンファミリー!大空の旅!」(Special Anime «Hexagon Family! Oozora no Tabi!»)


僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 (Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru -Oozora e-)

Lyrics: Shinsuke Shimada | Music: Voice of Mind | Arrangement: Bungo Saito & Akiko Iwamuro