Title: blue

Release date: 2008.08.14

Catalog nr: –
Label: no label, it is an independent release

«blue» is Rika Ishii‘s fifth indies release (out of five), released over a period of two years.

It was available for purchase at mona records’ site for 500 yen, and probably at Ishii’s live events as well.


01. blue
02. 夢のカケラ (Yume no Kakera; Broken Pieces of a Dream)



Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Music: Rika Ishii | Arrangement: ?

Ishii’s comment about the song:

«Everyone has a dark and bright side. 

You told me to accept all of me and slowly find the answer I’m looking for. 

I hope that you who listen to this song will also meet a person like that.«


夢のカケラ (Yume no Kakera)

Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Music: Shingo Nakano | Arrangement: Shingo Nakano

Ishii’s comment about the song:

«I wrote this when I had started over.

This is the first time it gets released though, but when I sing it these days it gets to me a little bit more. That just might be proof of that I’ve grown a bit.«