Japanese title: 美女とYA!BOO 〜ハワイアンサウンドによる昭和歌謡名曲集〜
Romaji title: bijo to Ya!Boo – HAWAIAN SAUNDO ni yoru Shouwa kayou meikyoku shuu
English title: Beauties and YABOO! ~ Famous Songs from the Showa Era in Hawaiian Sound ~ Super Best

Release date: 2004.09.16

Catalog nr: UICZ-4102
Label: Universal Music

First press: unknown

«Bijo to Ya! Boo» is a cover album of famous songs from the Showa period (1926-1989), re-arranged with an Hawaiian sound. It features Boo Takagi on vocals, with different female guest singers for each track. Yuko Nakazawa is featured on the 2nd track.

It failed to chart the Oricon charts.


There are 12 tracks total, but Nakazawa is only featured in the second track:

02. ふりむかないで (Furimukanaide; Don’t Turn Around)


ふりむかないで (Furimukanaide)

Lyrics: Tokiko Iwatani | Music: Hiroshi Miyagawa | Arrangement: Asako Ogura

This track is sung by Boo Takagi and Yuko Nakazawa. It is a cover of Peanuts’ song of the same name, released in 1962.