Title: believe

Release date: 2011.11.02

Catalog nr: FUCD-1034 (Regular edition), FUCD-9002 (Limited edition)
Label: Universal Music

First press: no

«Believe» is Ayumi Shibata‘s debut single, released as a regular edition (CD) and limited edition (CD+DVD), with different track listings for the CDs.

It sold a total of 2.451 copies, charting for one week at #42 on the Oricon charts. That makes this Shibata’s best selling single with just a few copies more than Setsuna.

Music video for Believe

Music video for Believe

In the spring of 2011, Shibata’s solo debut mini-album (both a regular and limited edition w/ DVD) were scheduled for release in July. Some cd stores announced the title as «ALL», others as «Natural.» The track list was announced to contain the songs «Believe», «Genki», «Love Me More», «Himawari», «Omoide no Yukue» and «You & I» + more tracks.

In June, the same sites announced that the release would be postponed, and later in August that it was cancelled.

Promo poster

Promo poster


Regular edition
01. believe
02. 想い出の行方 (Omoide no Yukue; The Location of My Memories)
03. Love Me More

Limited edition
01. believe
02. 想い出の行方 (Omoide no Yukue; The Location of My Memories)
03. Ruby
01. believe (Music Video)
02. believe (Making of)
03. Special Movie



Lyrics: Ayumi Shibata | Music & Arrangement: Ayumi Miyazaki


想い出の行方 (Omoide no Yukue)

Lyrics: Ami | Music & Arrangement: Ayumi Miyazaki


Love Me More

Lyrics & Music: Eiji Kawai | Arrangement: Eiji Kawai



Lyrics: Miki Watanabe | Music & Arrangement: Eiji Kawai