Name: 山田亜弥 (Yamada Aya)
Maiden name: 石黒彩 (Ishiguro Aya)
Date of birth: May 12th, 1978
Place of birth: Hokkaido, Japan

Date of debut: September 11th, 1997 (Member #3)
Graduated: January 7th, 2000

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Aya Ishiguro is a Japanese singer, actress, author and tv-personality.

She started her career as a member of the group Morning Musume, from which she graduated in 2000. After her graduation, she got married and have three children. She has also been a guest vocalist on a few CDs and published several books about cooking, being a mother and being in the entertainment industry.

In 1997, an audition program called «Sharan Q Rock Vocalist Audition» was held in association with ASAYAN. ASAYAN was a tv show aiming at producing new music artists, and the band Sharan Q, with their lead man Tsunku, were looking for a female vocalist to join their group.

The finale of the show was on September 7th, 1997. In the final episode the number of girls were down to 11. All girls were singing an original song, penned by Tsunku, called «GET.» Michiyo Heike would be the winner (all though she forgot the lyrics), making the other 10 the losers.

However, despite Nakazawa, Ishiguro, Abe, Iida and Fukuda failed to make the audition, they were promised to make a major debutif they could sell 50,000 copies of their original single, “Ai No Tane” («Seeds of Love») in just 5 days. They completed the task in 4 days, and debuted as Morning Musume.

In November 1998, Tsunku created the group Tanpopo, made up of Ishiguro, Yaguchi and Iida. The girls released music and performed together as Tanpopo, in addition to being a part of Morning Musume.

After the release of Morning Musume’s 7th single in 1999, Ishiguro resigned from the group in December. She performed with Hello! Project for the last time in January 2000 at the Hello! Project Happy New Year 2000 concert.

In May 2000, Ishiguro married Shinya Yamada from the rock band Luna Sea, and changed her name to Aya Yamada (山田 亜弥). She gave birth to her first daughter in November, and has since had three children.

In 2001, she actually returned to Hello! Project, but only to record a re-make for Tanpopo’s song «Tanpopo.» The group was to release their second album, and Tsunku had made a re-arrangement to the song and needed to record new vocals. The song ended up with the title «Tanpopo -Grand Symphonic version-«.

While being a mother and homemaker, Ishiguro has done various things over the years such as working as a fashion designer, written authoring books, been a tv host, having a cooking show on tv and designing kitchen supplies.

In 2012, she performed on stage at a Hello! Project concert as part of Tanpopo, and in 2013 at a Hello! Project concert called Hello! Project Countdown 2013 ~Hello & Good Bye~ along with several other graduated members.