Japanese title: Autumn Selection 2008

Release date: 2008.11.01

Catalog nr: Rika-001
Label: no label; indies release

«Autumn Selection 2008″ is an indies release by Rika Ishii.

It was released on November 1st, 2008, as an indies release with mp3 or wav-files on a cd-r disc. It was sold online through a store called indiesmusic.com, and also probably at her live events. Price, including taxes, was 500 yen.

The three tracks selected have all been released on other indies singles sold at Ishii’s live events. Daijoubu. and Kimi wo Sagashiteru on "Kimi wo Sagashiteru", and Mama on "Kotoshima" (runing for almost a minute longer than the version on this release).

This compilation single contains these three songs, as it gives you a mood of autumn (stated on the site).


01. 君を探してる(Kimi wo Sagashiteru; Looking for You)
02. だいじょうぶ。(Daijoubu.; I’m Okay.)
03. ママ (Mama)


All lyrics and music by Rika Ishii