Japanese title: あなたの髪の香り
Romaji title: anata no kami no kaori
English title: The Scent of Your Hair

Release date: 2001

Catalog nr: UFCD-03c

First press: no, this is a limited fan club release

In 2001, Morning Musume had 10 members. For their 2001 concert, fan club solo singles were released, one by each girl in the group. They were sold seperatly at concerts, where you would get an 8 cm picture cd (witout a cover) and a lyrics sheet. You could also order the complete set through the fan club. That would also give you a pouch to store all the singles in.

Kaori Iida‘s solo single is called Anata no Kami no Kaori; like all the solo singles it is a pun on her name (香り= Kaori = Scent / 圭織 = Kaori = Girl’s name). Another interesting thing about the lyrics, is that it has the word 言い出 in it. it is pronounced the same was as 飯田 (Kaori’s last name Iida).


01. あなたの髪の香り (Anata no Kami no Kaori; The Scent of Your Hair)
02. message from Karol


あなたの髪の香り (Anata no Kami no Kaori)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Ryou Yonemitsu


message from kaori

Translation (taken from projecthello) of the message from Iida:

"I’m Kaori.
The one and only Kaori in the world.
I’m Kaori, who likes long hair.
I’m Kaori, who doesn’t have courage to cut her hair short.
After all, your hair is like an ally who has been with you for a long time.
To part with it would be too sad, so I couldn’t do it.

So to that hair, I’ll make it happy everyday.
I make it pretty with a nice smelling shampoo.
And when I do, my hair is very happy.
Receiving all that happiness, my hair becomes a silky, beautiful woman.
I love that that kind of honest hair, so I’ll continue to treasure it.
Let’s always stay together.

Long hair — Kaori’s treasure.

To find your own happiness, you must obtain it on your own.
To find your own dreams, you must obtain it on your own, too.
The dream I want to fulfill the most — I want to get it with my own hands.
It’d be nice if everyone’s dreams came true.
That’s one of my dreams too, after all.

Let’s all advance together.
And let’s all meet up at the goal of our dreams.

Kaori Iida."