Japanese title: オール・ソング・コレクション
English title: All Songs Collection

Release date: 2009.01.11

Catalog nr: DYCL-117-9
Label: Sony Ordermade Factory

First press: unknown

Osaka Performance Doll (大阪パフォーマンスドール; also called OPD) was a Japanese idol dance pops group from 1993 to 1997. They were theatre-based in Osaka, with five main members (called «F/Unit» with their initials) and several others for live performances and trainees. They are the sister group of Tokyo Performance Doll. They made their debut with the single «Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara» in 1993. However, in March 1996, Atsuko Inaba and Ayano Furutani left the group (or was let go?) and was replaced by Shigemoto and Nakamura, thus the group’s changing their name to OPD. After releasing two more singles and one album as OPD, Osaka Performance Doll disbanded in 1997.

In 2008, the group got back together by doing two performances named «2008 Gentei Osaka Performance Doll Natsumatsuri!! ~Jyuugonen no Natsu Dakara~» to celebrate their 15th year anniversary. They also released their first best-of album: «All Songs Collection». It failed to chart the Oricon charts (this means none of OPD’s albums charted).

The first disc has all their single’s A- and B-sides from their three first singles, as well as the album tracks from their debut album. The second disc has all the singles’ A- and B-sides from their 4th, 5th and 6th singles, as well as all the album tracks from their 2nd album and a special track. The third disc has all the singles' A- and B-sides from their 3rd album as well as a few special tracks.

Promo poster

Promo poster

#17 on the second disc is the A-side to WEST END×YUKI from O.P.D's debut single (featuring Yukio Takeuchi, the leader of O.P.D.). The title track is a cover of the song "Da.Yo.Ne" by EAST END×YURI (from Tokyo Performance Doll), but features lyrics written in Kansai dialect. Also, the single's cover is similar to the cover for "Da.Yo.Ne" but has the heads of WEST END x YUKI from O.P.D's heads pasted on EAST END×YURI's bodies in the cover. The single reached #6 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 12 weeks, selling 564,200 copies. It also reached #59 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1995. The single was re-released a couple months later as a remix single under the name "Folk ga SO.YA.NA". This single failed to chart on the Oricon charts. They also released an album.

#13 and #14 on the third disc are Aki Nakamura and Miho Ueda's debut singles. Nakamura's track is taken from her debut single of the same name. t was produced and arranged by Tsukumitsu Keisuke and the song was written and composed by Japanese rock singer-songwriter Lisa Go. The single was recorded while Lisa Go was shortly signed to Sony Music Entertainment; this single was released through EPIC Records. It did not rank on the weekly Oricon chart. Nakamura released two more singles and an album.

Ueda's track is taken from her first and only single, released under the stage name Yozora. The title track is a cover of the same-titled song by Dutch-German pop singer Amber. It failed to chart on the Oricon charts.


1. 満月の夜だから (Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara)
2. 生まれた街のフェンスを越えて (Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete)
3. 恋がまぶしくて (Koi ga Mabusihkute)
4. コンビニ・ウォーリアーズ (Konbini Warriors)
5. チェリー・パレード (Cherry Parade)
6. あかん!(Akan!)
7. 25時のカルナバル (Nijuugoji no Carnival)
8. チェリー・パレード(LOVE & PEACE MIX)(Cherry Parade (Love & Peace Mix)
9. d-Culture
10. 恋のジェット・コースター (Koi no Jet Coaster)
11. I’m in Love with You
12. 恋がまぶしくて(POWER RAVE MIX)(Koi ga Mabushikute (Power Rave Mix)
14. 生まれた街のフェンスを越えて(GUITAR RAVE MIX)(Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete (Guitar Rave Mix))
15. 満月の夜だから(MIDNIGHT WOLVES VERSION)(Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara (Midnight Wolves Version))

01. Lady Boy
02. So BLUE So Funny
03. 笑顔に大接近 (Egao ni Daisekkin)
05. Shiny Days
06. 真夏のドア (Manatsu no Door)
07. Rhythm of Life
08. 真夏のドア (#2) (Manatsu no Door (#2))
09. 夜明けの空に白い月 (Yoake no Sora ni Shiroi Tsuki)
10. Let’s Dive
11. Shiny Days (ALBUM VERSION)
12. NONG!
14. そんな君が大好き (Sonna Kimi ga Daisuki)
15. Good-bye Heartache
16. 波の音だけ (Nami no Oto Dake)
17. SO.YA.NA by WEST END×YUKI (from O.P.D)

01. 素敵になりたい (Suteki ni Naritai)
02. しあわせになろう (Shiawase ni Narou)
03. 泣きたいッ (Nakitaii)
04. あれってね それってね (Are tte ne Sore tte ne)
05. アフロ・ゴーゴー (Afro Go-Go)
06. Heavenly peace
07. ダーリン (Darling)
08. このままでいいから (Kono Mama de Ii Kara)
09. ガールフレンド (Girlfriend)
10. GO3
11. マイ・スゥイート・コンプレックス (My Sweet Complex)
12. たまらないッ (Tamaranaih)
13. THIS IS YOUR NIGHT by Yozora
14. Street Fighting Girl by Aki Nakamura