Japanese title: All of タンポポ
Romaji title: All of TANPOPO
English title: All of Tanpopo

Release date: 2002.09.04

Catalog nr: EPCE-5177
Label: zetima

First press: yes, a booklet with three different covers

«All of Tanpopo» is Tanpopo‘s second album, and also a kind of a best-of album.

It contains all of their single’s A-sides, three B-sides, an album track from their first album, and one new song (I & You & I & You & I). Last Kiss and Tanpopo have been re-arranged for this album.

Aya Ishiguro had graduated over two years prior to this release, but came back to record new vocals for the new version of the song Tanpopo, featured on this album as Tanpopo (Grand Symphonic Version).

It sold 75.670 copies in its first week and charted for three weeks. It reached #4, selling 104.870 copies total.


01. 乙女 パスタに感動 (Otome Pasta ni Kandou; The Girl is Impressed by Pasta)
02. 恋をしちゃいました! (Koi wo Shichaimashita!; I Fell in Love)
03. 王子様と雪の夜 (Ouji-sama to Yuki no Yoru; A Snowy Night With a Prince)
04. ラストキッス (Last Kiss)
05. Motto
06. たんぽぽ (Single Version) (Tanpopo; Dandelion)
07. 聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru; The Night the Sound of the Holy Bell Echoes)
08. I & YOU & I & YOU & I
09. 誕生日の朝 (Tanjoubi no Asa; On the Morning of My Darling’s Birthdayi>)
10. A Rainy Day
12. 年末年始の大計画 (Nenmatsu Nenshi no Dai Keikaku; Big Plans for the End of the Yeari>)
13. たんぽぽ (Grand Symphonic Version)


ラストキッス (Last Kiss)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This is the A-side to Tanpopo’s first single.


Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shin Kouno

This is the A-side to Tanpopo’s second single.

たんぽぽ (Tanpopo)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This track is from Tanpopo’s debut album, and was also released as a re-cut single a few months after the album’s release.


聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This is the A-side to Tanpopo’s fourth single.


誕生日の朝 (Tanjoubi no Asa)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This is an album track from Tanpopo’s debut album.


A Rainy Day

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Kaoru Yamanouchi

This is the B-side to Tanpopo’s third single.


たんぽぽ (Grand Symphonic Version)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This is a rearranged version of Tanpopo’s third single.