Japanese title: 愛は無敵~二十歳の夜の誓い~
Romaji: ai wa muteki ~hatachi no yoru no chikai~
English: Love Is Invincible -An Oath I Made at Night When I Turned Twenty-

Release date: 2001.12.05

Catalog nr: EPCE-5134
Label: zetima

First press: unknown


«Ai wa Muteki» is Sheki-dol‘s 4th single, marketed as their major debut single (their previous releases were released as indies singles). 

The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Ganbacchaumonneeeh!). No music video was made to promote the single. 

The single failed to enter the charts. 

Ibuki had left Sheki-dol in August to pursue a model career. In her place we find Saki Arai; she had went to an interview with the agency, after being told to go try out. She passed the audition and joined Sheki-Dol.

Tsunku and UFA decides to release Sheki-Dol’s 4th single as their major debut single, switching record label to zetima. Several magazine promotions and interviews were scheduled, and they pushed Saki Arai to the front.  

The girls said in interviews that their new single is so different from their previous ones, having a moregrown up sound and sounding more mature. They all feel this suits them well, as the average age of the group is 20,1 years.

Around the same time, the agency issued a message saying that Mami Suenaga needed medical attention, and for a short while Sheki-Dol was a duo again (as seen in their final column). Just a short month after releasing their major debut single, it was announced that Sheki-Dol had disbanded. The reason for this was the previous statement, saying that Suneaga needed medical attention. It was later revealed that she was pregnant, and this is the real reason for the end of the group.

Promo poster

Promo poster




01. 愛は無敵~二十歳の夜の誓い~ (Ai wa Muteki -Hatachi no Your no Chikai-; Love Is Invincible: An Oath I Made at Night When I Turned Twenty)
02. がんばっちゃうもんねぇーッ! (Ganbacchaumonneeeh!; I’m Going to Try sooooo Hard!)
03. 愛は無敵~二十歳の夜の誓い~ (Instrumental)


愛は無敵~二十歳の夜の誓い~ (Ai wa Muteki -Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai-)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Atsushi Shindou | Arrangement: Yuichi Takahashi


がんばっちゃうもんねぇーッ! (Ganbacchaumonneeeh!)

Lyrics: Atsushi Shindou | Music: Atsushi Shindou | Arrangement: SHO-1