Japanese title: 愛は勝つ
Romaji title: ai wa katsu
English title: Love Wins

Release date: 2011.04.09 / 2011.06.22

Catalog nr: EPCE-5796~7
Label: zetima

First press: no

«Ai wa Katsu» is a CD single by Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers, issued to help raise money for victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers is a charity group put together by UFA, it consists of almost all the singers signed to their labels at the time. This includes Yuki Maeda, Kei Yasuda, Mari Yaguchi, Yuko Nakazawa and Kaori Iida.

The single was first made available as a digital release in April, and later released as a CD+DVD combo in June. The digital single contains the song Ai wa Katsu, while the physical release also includes the instrumental.

The song is a cover of KAN’s song of the same name, and sold a total of 2,362 copies.


01. 愛は勝つ (Ai wa Katsu; Love Wins)
02. 愛は勝つ (Instrumental)
01. 愛は勝つ (Music Video)
02. Recording & 4/9 Yokohama Charity Event Scenes


愛は勝つ (Ai wa Katsu)

Lyrics & Music: KAN | Arrangement: KAN, Tsunehiko Yashiro