Japanese title: 愛のチカラ
Romaji title: ai no CHIKARA
English title: The Power of Love

Release date: 2002.04.24

Catalog nr: DAKINF-80107
Label: Infinity Records

First press: no

«Ai no Chikara» is Miwa Kominato‘s first and only solo single.

Itoshii Hito e was not planned to be released originally; it was created as a theme song for the movie “Lady Plastic». A petition was created by fans, and enough signatures were collected. As a result, the song was featured as the B-side for her first single.

Promo poster for the movie

Promo poster for the movie


01. 愛のチカラ (Ai no Chikara; The Power of Lovei>)
02. 愛しいひとへ (Itoshii Hito e; To My Belovedi>)
03. 愛のチカラ (Instrumental)
04. 愛しいひとへ (Instrumental)


愛のチカラ (Ai no Chikara)

Lyrics: Miwa Kominato | Music: Yasushi Ozeki | Arrangement: Yuzo Hayashi


愛しいひとへ (Itoshii Hito e)

Lyrics: Miwa Kominato | Music: Yumi Matsuzawa | Arrangement: Urara Takai

This track was used as the ending theme song for the movie “Lady Plastic”.