Japanese title: エーゲ海に抱かれて
Romaji title: EEGEkai ni dakarete
English title: Being Held by the Aegan Sea

Release date: 2004.02.04

Catalog nr: EPCE-2021
Label: Chichukai Label

First press: yes, an admission ticket for the meet-and-greet events held on February 5th, 8th, and 12th

«Aegekai ni Dakarete» is Kaori Iida‘s first single, released after her second album. This single follows in the same footsteps as her previous albums; music with a Mediterranean flare to them. This genre was dubbed euro-enka by fans and some music critics because of the similarities to Japan’s own folk music style, enka. All songs on this single are in Japanese.

Aegekai ni Dakarete Music Video

Aegekai ni Dakarete Music Video

The single was released on February 4th, 2004, and landed on the Oricon charts at #17, selling 12.482 copies. This is her highest charting music release.

On the same date as the release of the single, Iida released a photobook and a DVD in collaboration with fellow record label artist Aida Shouko (who used to be in the famous Japanese 80’s band Wink). The title of the DVD is エーゲ海 相田翔子&飯田圭織DVD (Aegekai – Shoko Aida & Kaori Iida DVD). It shows Iida and Aida walking through the magnificent landscapes of Greece interacting with the locals, set with beautiful Mediterranean background music. 

The photobook is called エーゲ海―相田翔子&飯田圭織写真集 (Aegekai – Shoko Aida & Kaori Iida Shashinshuu).

Photobook & DVD


01. エーゲ海に抱かれて (Aegekai ni Dakarete; Being Held by the Aegean Sea)
02. 最後の接吻 (Saigo no Seppun; Final Kiss)
03. エーゲ海に抱かれて (Instrumental)


エーゲ海に抱かれて (Aegekai ni Dakarete) 

Lyrics: Yoshiko Miura | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Tomotsune Maeno

最後の接吻 (Saigo no Seppun)

Lyrics& Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Tomotsune Maeno

Seppun (Kiss) is an old-fashioned way of saying Kuchidzuke (Kiss) which is an old way of saying Kisu (Kiss).