I used to be a huge fan of Hello! Project, but as time passed my interest in the newer groups and artists faded.
I like the sound, the artists and the direction UFA was heading with this project back in the days.

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Last updates:
Hello! Project Countdown 2013

2017.05.19: Added track list and credits to Miwa Kominato's "Super Sound Theatre Mars Red"

2017.04.27 Lyrics section up and running. Manu songs haven't been translated, but some have. Message me if you can contribute!

2017.04.02: Updated Ayaka Kimura discography

2017.03.12: Added some minor info at Taiyou to Coscomoons page (like alternate names Tsunku proposed for the group, reasons for their disbandment, as well as Kominato's absence). Also added info about RuRu's collaboration works.

2017.03.08: Added info of MM's self-cover of Morning Coffee on their 63rd single.

207.03.02: Masae Ohtani and Megumi Murata has started a new group calle Muratani Sisters. They will release their first single at the end of March.

2017.02.27: Rin has a new demo song she is playing on her radio show called "Kudoku na Manifesto", Sayaka Ichii is pregnant with her fourth child (she's gotta do something now that she is struggling booking jobs), and Danielle Delaunay has changed her last name.

2017.02.12: Made a new page for PeaceStone's debut single, added info for a new compilation album featuring Miwa Kominato.

2017.02.06: Updated missing info for 

Melon Kinenbi's Melon Kinenbi’s Theme (ED) (arrangements)

Rika Ishii’s "Slow Love" (Credits, Cat.nr.)

Alum Shibata's "YOU & I" (Cat. nr.)

Rika Ishii's "Autumn selection" (Cat. nr.)

Rika Ishii's "winter selection" (Cat. nr.)

Rin's (Mami Suenaga) "Jeanne darc" (Record label)

Rin's (Mami Suenaga) "Desperado" (Record label)


2017.02.02: Updated info for Michiyo Heike's unreleased songs

2016.10.07: Updated info for Rika Ishii's second album, "Slow Love".

2016.09.27: Updated credits for PEACESTONE's two mini albums

2016.08.26: Updated Asuka Fukuda's biography (about her pregnancy), as well as info about PEACESTONE in the discography sections. Added release info for three albums Mami Suenaga was involved with.

2016.08.03: Added credits for the songs 花 (Hana), ちょうちょ (Choucho) and 風も雪も友達だ (Kaze mo Yuki mo Tomodachi da)

2016.08.02: Added banners for Shibata, Kobayashi and Shinoda

2016.07.27: Added info for Country Musume's movie

2016.07.19: Kaori Iida - Ondas

All the girls  

All the girls


All the girls

Find out about all the girls who were part of the project.


ALL THE Groups

Find out about all the groups which were part of the project.

Music videos, movies, doramas

Music videos, movies, doramas


Learn more about their music videos, the movies they acted in and the doramas they starred in!






Take a dive into the vast discography of each and every member of the project at the time, before, during and after their time in the project.


Dive into the discography of each of the groups of the project.

Missing info

Missing info


Despite my fandom over such a long time, I got into the project seven years after it started. There is still info and pictures missing. Help out making this site complete!




Dec. 10th, 2016

Ayaka (Coconuts M.), Iida (MM 1st), Maeda, Yaguchi (MM 2nd), Heike, Ohtani (Melon), Ishikawa (MM 4th gen), Saitou (Melon) Murata (melon), Kominato (T&C), Inaba (T&C), Yasuda (MM 2nd), Satoda

Ayaka (Coconuts M.), Iida (MM 1st), Maeda, Yaguchi (MM 2nd), Heike, Ohtani (Melon), Ishikawa (MM 4th gen), Saitou (Melon)

Murata (melon), Kominato (T&C), Inaba (T&C), Yasuda (MM 2nd), Satoda

Kei Yasuda had a big meet-up the other day with her fellow H!P OG members, and all of them (almost) posted about it on their twitter on their blog. Nice to see them all again, and nice to know they're still in touch! From what I understand, Yasuda invited everyone but not everyone could come!


Kaori Iida blog 久しぶりにみんなで会えて本当に嬉しくて (I am really happy to see everyone for the first time in a while) 

Kei Yasuda blog 突然電話したから  あややイタズラ電話だと  思ったようで… (I called Aya Matsuura and she thought it was a prank call...)

Rika Ishikawa blog 一言で  楽しかった (In one word: It was fun)